We can produce in low cost countries across Eastern Europe, India, Mexico, Central and South America and when possible, we can blend Far East with local production.

A second order for the same product and the same quantity should almost always be produced at a lower cost and with tooling in place, the lead time should be at least two weeks quicker.

With LeanPie, on your request and at the start of production, you are provided with a complete information pack for your records. By holding this information any appropriate company can provide benchmark costs.

All costs are presented transparently and if you do not wish to use a service we remove it from the offer and no charge is made.

We provide clients with total transparency on who the factories are, their costs and what processes and resources they have. We ensure that all factories are certified and comply with our clients’ CSR standards.

Yes, LeanPie’s partners can manage the whole goods in, warehousing, picking, distributing and installing services across the world.

A factory’s capacity, productivity and efficiency fluctuate and by constantly monitoring those changes, LeanPie identifies the lowest short, medium- and long-term price and lead time opportunities.