‘Cherry pick’ from our menu of services

LeanPie believes you should only buy the services your business needs. Although we can deliver everything from first technical drawings and prototype to store distribution, we know you may want some or all of the supply chain service done in-house or with a trusted, long-term partner. So, if you choose to use us just for quality control or just for manufacturing that’s a choice we respect. Our clients don’t pay a contribution or subsidy for other overheads they don’t use.

  • We provide a technical design and BOM pack for client retention and we encourage cost benchmarking.
  • Our focus is on Production efficiencies and waste reduction.
  • Full specs provided, and all amendments captured.
  • All prototypes are built, tested and reworked as necessary. During this stage, we oversee structural test and packaging requirements.
  • They are priced separately so you only pay for the tools once and not repeatedly for the lifetime of the products. High quality precision Jigs and tools. LeanPie ensures tools are kept so they can be re-used for subsequent orders.
  • We source from the best factories across EMEA, LATAM, Asia Pacific, Central America and Mexico.
  • We operate optimised set-up and processes. In house QC management.
  • Flexibility of supply source is key. Lowest cost provider today can make decisions to shift focus or margin strategy and be 25% more expensive in 3 months-time.
  • All factories are fully audited and certified by our own in-house engineers.
  • With LeanPie, you have direct access to every supplier.
  • Reliable international shipping service for container loads or less.
  • Track your container on line.
  • From FOB to DDP terms, LeanPie will assist you to get your goods from the factory floor to a warehouse of your choice.
  • Localised warehouses.
  • Flexible depending on client needs: storage, distribution, Rework, kitting, labelling, container de-stuffing.
  • Strategic secure locations.
  • Modern IT system.
  • Each item is optimally packed for protection and freight efficiency.
  • We will find the lowest and fastest transportation for you.
  • Multiple destinations.
  • Online status tracking.
  • High quality audit standards
  • 4 thorough reports for each project
  • QC frequency and reporting based on the complexity of each project
  • Phone app to access QC reporting available to all customers
  • Dedicated project manager.
  • Flexible depending on client needs.
  • Detailed project plan for every single step of the process (from technical drawings to shipping and warehousing depending on the services which are required).
  • All Project Engineers are aligned with your project goals to deliver on time and with the right quality. They work on your behalf to analyse trends, predict future price variations and consult a vast source of relevant information to ensure they achieve the lowest possible global cost.
  • With LeanPie you have direct contact with our expert engineers, getting expert advice from day one with minimum touchpoint.
  • If you don’t have technical drawings, we can reverse engineer an existing item with a full production sample.
  • Our team at LeanPie value engineer existing products with the focus on production quality enhancements, manufacturing economy improvements, reduce costs and improve functions.
  • We deliver production ready prototyping to ensure a fast start to production. We also define and test all the parameters to ensure a successful future production run.

True Cost

Transparent costings – all our quotes are open and transparent;  there are no hidden ‘mark-ups’ or margins. Our clients see all of the key supplier and financial information.

Proven cost reductions – working with LeanPie delivers an average of 20% cost savings on your retail fixtures and Point of Purchase (POP) materials. We manage your process faster and stick strictly to the specification you approved.

Time is money –our customers benefit from global supply chain efficiencies. Better time management of the procurement process equals cost savings. LeanPie reduces the time required from inquiry to order placement by up to 25%.

Costs vary across factories, countries and regions so our job is to ensure production benefits from the most competitive trading terms. This is why our customers think of us as their trusted, independent advisor who can help achieve the best business outcomes.

No compromise on quality

Partners in LeanPie have managed off-shore production in Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil and USA for thirty years. We have developed stringent QM and QC processes that ensure fit-for-purpose output from some of the most difficult circumstances possible.

All of our suppliers are quality-certified by our own engineers and CSR-audited to meet all of our clients’ standards.

At LeanPie we understand that opening a box in a European store to find incorrectly produced and/or badly packed product is the worst outcome for both client and LeanPie. Therefore, we invest in whatever is necessary in people and processes to ensure that when the container door closes, everything delivered is exactly to specification.

To ensure optimum QC management, all our QC staff are qualified engineers and are part of our organisation, not from agency. Our QM is customised depending on the complexity of the project to assure the best effective service during the manufacturing and packing process.

Global supply chain track record

Working with LeanPie means you can benefit from our extensive international experience. We have worked for more than 30 years sourcing products from the UK, USA, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Spain, India, China, Mexico and Brazil!

LeanPie maintains its own database of costs including raw materials, operations, utilities, local taxes, local labour costs and overhead costs. This means less time is wasted in negotiations and on average 1 to 3 weeks is saved in production.

Specialist manufacturers

LeanPie has trusted engineers in key manufacturing countries. Our engineers are skilled specialists able to value-engineer a product so that it can be made more efficiently and thus more cost-effectively with no compromise on quality.

Our engineers establish tooling design, BOM (Bill of Material) specification and CPA (Critical Path Analysis) chart at the quote stage ensuring a faster start to production out of the gate.

Protecting your IP

Every customer should have full control of their supply chain including full ownership of their own Intellectual Property (IP) and detailed engineering drawings. This means that second and subsequent orders can often be delivered both faster and at lower cost than a first order because all the details are already known (including which machines to use, what the specification of the finish needs to be, the box design, the tooling already exists, loading specification can be reviewed and improved and the manufacturer will know the exact production cycle times). LeanPie guarantees that any savings achieved on re-run costs are passed on to our customers.

Virtual office

Our teams are based in local offices around the globe, but we share a great virtual office environment. For our customers, that means you access the best talent without having to get a whole team together in one place. Our 24/7 support means you can see lead times and costs for months ahead or running a project status report at the touch of a button.

Our lower overhead burden allows us to work on leaner margins; savings which get passed onto our customers.

If our customers require changes, our IT platform identifies actions that can be taken to maintain or even improve delivery times.

Through our specialised IT platform LeanPie has insight about upcoming cost changes which allows us to advise customers about ways to minimise these effects. For example, by using multiple tooling options, changing one production process for another or by improving container utilisation or changing the freight company.