Our History

We started the company to disrupt an industry that had remained unchanged for 50 years and the changes we wanted to make were truly unique.

Our aim was to transform the manufacturing supply chain to enable the buyer to achieve lower costs from full transparency every step of the way, from technical specifications to the delivery of the finished goods.

Since then, we have partnered with factories in low-cost countries and in Europe to service clients globally and locally.

Our majority shareholders are USA based and they are the fastest growing POP company in the USA.

Where are we in the world?

We can supply from multiple locations in Europe, Africa, Far East, Central and South America.

Our Philosophy

Our unique approach to delivering True Costs means that companies will be able to make significant cost savings to their retail fixture supply chain.

Unlike most marketing companies, we allow our customers to cherry-pick the services they need, there are no ‘all-inclusive’ packages and pricing.

We ensure companies own their own IP, so cost savings are made on repeat orders.

We have local contacts with manufacturers across the globe and a quality network of engineers. This means we can locate the best suppliers with the most competitive prices for you, without compromising on product quality.

We combine this agility with excellent project management, saving you both time and hassle.

Our Trusted Partners

LG&P is our parent company based in New Jersey, USA. They are a brand and retail marketing agency that works with major retailers and multinational brand manufacturers.  Together, we combine innovative design, consumer insights and low cost implementations to help our clients improve sales and maximise ROI.

Our global network

You cannot beat local market knowledge! LeanPie use a network of trusted, specialist suppliers across the globe so that our customers benefit from faster communication, reliable delivery and obtain the best value for money.

Leicester, UK
2 Merus Court,
Meridian Business Park,
Leicestershire, LE19 1RJ

Xiamen, China
Floor 2, No. 358, Hengtian Road
Jimei district
Xiamen 361021

Ningbo, China
R2001, Bona Building, #456,
Taikang Middle Road, Ningbo,
Zhejiang, 315040

New Jersey, USA
650 From Road,
NJ 07652

California, USA
2231 Faraday Ave,
Suite 150, Carlsbad,
CA 92008

Toronto, Canada
1 Valleybrook Drive,
Suite 200,

We deliver better costs whilst ensuring first class quality and services.

We split the costs of each item clearly, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Everyone at LeanPie works resolutely towards one goal, which is to bring you the optimum savings for the same product, same quality and shorter lead times.

As a client you have a shopping list of services available to you and if you don’t want to buy a service, that total cost is removed from the offer. That’s different in an industry with crippling overheads that have to be paid for, even if all services are not provided.

We will provide a complete engineering and BOM pack that enables clients to benchmark our costs at any time.

We work openly with all our partners, suppliers, factories and clients. Our clients know who the factories are and where they are based. We encourage them to visit and talk directly to our producing factories.