Undervalue decision-making at your peril


When the topic of decision-making comes up, it is often a debate on how does one make the right decisions, rather than the wrong ones. However, this focus completely undermines [...]

Undervalue decision-making at your peril2016-09-13T07:29:13+00:00

How to transform marketing supply chains


We all know that business is becoming increasingly complex. The challenge is the way that most companies respond. The vast majority try and manage this complexity through additional protocols, regulation, processes [...]

How to transform marketing supply chains2016-06-29T09:51:21+00:00

Productivity is the real goal


After ten years marketing for software companies, I made the decision to change course and to join LeanPie, a company that is setting out to transform the supply chain for [...]

Productivity is the real goal2016-05-04T11:02:04+00:00