LeanPie Manufacturing Project Management

Our online platform enables users to not just create projects and place orders, but also to analyse trends, predict future price variations and consult a vast source of relevant information to ensure they achieve the lowest possible GLOBAL COST

For Marketing Procurement

  • Review all products that have been prototyped, quoted or ordered globally
  • Analyse project management service, quality of performance and market demand
  • Identify opportunities for improvement by reviewing audit & spend reports
  • Own all material designs and technical specifications
  • Improve product performance and cost through value engineering
  • Develop & test fully working prototypes to ensure “fit for purpose”
  • Understand cost through LeanPie internal cost estimating
  • Tender multiple suppliers to ensure lowest possible cost from both central and local manufacturers
  • Oversee all production online (in real-time) and through factory visits

Data Analytics

  • Consult a vast source of relevant information on own projects as well as market trends
  • Review historical information to capture validated learnings on how to improve future projects
  • Monitor on a monthly basis shipping and logistics price variations
  • Analyse longer-term trends in commodity, land and labour prices
  • Forecast prices for repeat orders
  • Predict future price variations for improved planning of future purchases

For Techies and Engineers

  • Access information and own all tooling that has been developed for client materials
  • Analyse detailed information on all materials:
    • Full description
    • Photographs
    • Bill of Materials (BOM)
    • Technical drawings with interactive 3D visualisation on most engineering formats
    • Key parts are catalogued to support spare parts maintenance
    • Includes assemblies documentation
  • Estimate and track project progress through Gantt charts
  • Compare records of all quotations received as they are all based on common technical specifications
  • Enhance understanding with library of terms and industrial processes 

Office? …. What office?

Virtual teams are becoming a necessity in the global marketplace

As such, it is companies that are virtual by design who are better equipped to address the challenge of team members who are not co-located and who will ultimately prevail. Academic studies have shown that companies who have successfully established a virtual team model have seen the following:

  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Ability to hire the best talent
  • Increased team productivity
  • Greater flexibility to changing customer needs
  • Enhanced capacity for expansion
  • Higher levels of diversity in skills and experience

LeanPie became a virtual company from day one

We believe having a costly “unwieldy” office infrastructure in every market is an outmoded approach and we simply don’t see why the customer and LeanPie have to be burdened by this culture.

So how do we ensure team cohesion? We have adopted the very best and most innovative software www.sococo.com to overcome any issues that the team may face when operating remotely.

What is there NOT TO LOVE WITH OUR PHILOSOPHY? Our customers benefit from working with a more productive client centric team and our investments are only focused on value add services rather than on bricks and mortar.