“In our industry, the competitor that’s best at managing the supply chain is probably going to be the most successful competitor over time. It’s a condition of success”


Jim Owens, former chairman and CEO, Caterpillar

The LeanPie Supply Chain has adopted Lean philosophy

What is LEAN?

Lean Manufacturing which is often simply termed “Lean“, is a systematic method for the elimination of waste within a manufacturing supply chain. Looking at this from the perspective of the customer, Lean is centred on creating “value” for the customer and by this it means making obvious what adds value by reducing everything else. The concept of Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy derived mostly from the work that Toyota undertook in the creation of the Toyota Production System and these principles sit at the heart of the LeanPie Supply Chain.

How does LeanPie deliver LEAN principles?


LeanPie places Continuous Improvement and Respect for People at the heart of everything it does


  1. Challenge: LeanPie has a long-term ambition to transform the Retail Fixtures and POP supply chain and we challenge ourselves every day to achieve this goal

  2. Kaizen: For LeanPie “Good enough never is”. Every order will be reviewed to establish validated learnings that can be applied to every subsequent order so we continuously offer a better and better service to our customers

  3. Genchi Genbutsu: We encourage our clients to go and see the suppliers for themselves so that they have a full understanding of the facts in regard to supply chain efficiency,  manufacturing quality, CSR and sustainability



  1. Respect: LeanPie takes every stakeholders’ problems seriously, and we take full responsibility for both our clients and our suppliers meeting their objectives

  2. Teamwork: LeanPie believes in teamwork and we provide expertise, guidance and training to develop the capability and quality of all aspects of the supply chain. This builds accountability and empowers everyone in the team to make the best decisions at all times in the interests of all stakeholders