LeanPie translates a very well defined technical specification for a retail fixture or permanent Point of Purchase (POP) item into a finished item delivered to warehouse

We achieve this at the LOWEST possible global cost, with enhanced quality and in a faster time than current industry standards

We provide a variety of services to ensure you have the flexibility to only source what you need to achieve the best possible outcome

LEANPIE Manufacturing Supply Chain

We employ our own qualified engineers in low-cost sourcing countries. This enables us to work with small specialist manufacturers, component suppliers and substrate suppliers. We achieve disintermediation to unlock hidden value and to deliver the lowest possible global cost with both quality and speed enhancements.

The LeanPie difference

  • TRANSPARENCY – sourcing insights, transparent margins, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards
  • TECHNOLOGY – purpose-made cloud platform providing significant benefits to management of entire supply chain
  • EXPERTISE – only employ qualified engineers, value engineer to improve manufacturing efficiency, undertake internal cost estimating before tendering, continuous improvement principles
  • OPERATIONS – lean processes, waste reduction, in-depth quality control (QA & QC) and performance management
  • SPECIALISATION – in low-cost country sourcing, in markets such as China, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Romania

LeanPie Services


Provide clients with design ownership, full technical specifications and enhanced engineering design for efficient production


Provide clients with the LOWEST POSSIBLE GLOBAL COST by identifying the best sources of supply whether offshore or in the local market


Provide clients with production ready prototypes for market testing and approval, along with production of tooling


Provide clients with the best possible products that are manufactured 100% to specification and are delivered to the highest possible quality of manufacture
Included in
Included in
 Included in
Included in
Design Ownership
Technical Specifications
Design Improvements
Quality Assurance
New Supply Sources
Supplier Assessment
Internal Cost Estimating
Tendering Management
Production Recommendations
Prototype Development
Prototype Testing
Tooling Production
Project Management
Production Management
Quality Control
Shipping & Logistics
Supply Chain Modelling

LeanPie competitive advantage

The LeanPie business model is unique. We are transforming a very traditional industry in the following ways:
  • True global sourcing – that supports centralised, regional and local market production
  • LOWEST possible global cost – leading to at least a 25% savings on current cost of supply
  • Significant quality improvement – of finished goods brought about through better managed technical specifications, prototyping and QA & QC management
  • Reduction in lead-times – required to prototype new items and to deliver finished goods
  • Improved sources of supply – very best specialist manufacturers, from low-cost countries with machinery & processes ideally matched to production requirement
  • Value engineering – provided continuously to improve material “fit for purpose” and overall manufacturing efficiency
  • Supply chain optimisation – always ensures market receives the lowest possible global price for materials and components
  • Savings & efficiencies – immediately passed onto client
  • Real-time performance management – provided through platform status tracking and reporting