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This eBook provides a framework for how a marketing procurement professional can successfully optimise the sourcing of retail fixtures and point of purchase materials.

  1. Author’s note
  2. Key principles for Marketing Procurement professionals
  3. Critical value drivers
  4. How to ensure Marketing engagement
  5. Become a marketer
  6. Achieve a position of influence
  7. POP supply chain specifics
  8. Introduction to LeanPie
  9. Contact Us

Author: David Newberry
24th June 2016 – 5 minute read

Download How to be a marketing procurement master


This eBook provides a framework for how marketing and procurement can successfully work together to optimise the sourcing of retail fixtures and point of purchase materials.

  1. Author’s note
  2. Welcome to the world of marketing procurement
  3. Marketing procurement competencie
  4. Principles for value delivery
  5. Key drivers for marketing procurement success
  6. Validation measures
  7. How to add value to the point of purchase (POP) supply chain
  8. Introduction to LeanPie
  9. Contact Us

Author: David Newberry
6th June 2016 – 7 minute read

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This eBook provides a framework for how to create outstanding brand driven customer experiences within a bricks-and-mortar retail store.

  1. Brand Theatre Supply Chain
  2. Brand Theatre Challenge
  3. Building the Bridge
  4. Design Manifesto
  5. Brand Theatre Strategy
  6. Retail Concepts and Prototyping
  7. Technical Toolkits

Author: David Newberry
10th August 2016 – 7 minute read

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This eBook provides a framework for how to create world class conceptual design for POP retail investment programmes which are to be implemented across multiple markets.

  1. Define 3D Brand Design
  2. Understand the science of retail engagement
  3. Know your AS IS
  4. Define your TO BE
  5. Integrate omni-channel
  6. Design innovative POP
  7. Test POP prototypes
  8. Gain retail POP endorsement
  9. Evaluate POP performance

Author: David Newberry
1st November 2016 – 10 minute read

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This infographic provides a perspective on why it is imperative for Marketing Procurement professionals to build an understanding of real costs, rather than relying on supplier prices.

  • Price versus cost
  • What are the cost drivers?

9th January 2018 – 1 minute read

Download Cost infographic


This fact sheet provides a very clear description of the LeanPie value proposition, both in terms of the value that is provided as well as how it is created

  • What really matters
  • Lowest global cost
  • Highest quality
  • Fast delivery time

20th April 2017 – 1 minute read

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This fact sheet answers those questions about what makes LeanPie different from other suppliers and third party service providers within the retail fixtures and POP industry

  • Why should I change supplier?
  • How competitive are you?
  • What is your level of service?
  • Do you take full liability?

9th December 2016 – 1 minute read

Download leanpie-faq


This fact sheet conveys why if you purchase permanent POP or retail fixtures you should consider LeanPie

  • Who we are
  • What we deliver
  • How we do it
  • Why it matters

25th October 2016 – 1 minute read

Download LeanPie company overview


This fact sheet provides an introduction to LeanPie

  • Company overview
  • Value drivers
  • Service offering
  • LeanPie platform

7th June 2016 – 1 minute read

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“Marketing Undressed” is about pulling back the covers on the marketing discipline and providing an insightful guide as to how the marketing function can and should contribute to a successful business. To do this, marketing needs to combine both art and science in equal measure and to build brands through emotional connections and compelling experiences.

Author: David Newberry
2015 – 2 hour read

Download Marketing Undressed


“Startup Ignition” is a compass by which early stage companies can help identify what to focus on and when, to achieve the success they are seeking. It is a sound board to help senior executives make the right decisions, by helping them ask the right questions, at the right time.

The reality is that market success cannot be achieved with faster, better, cheaper. Real breakthrough and sustained market growth requires differentiation. Differentiation in the way problems are solved, value is delivered and the market opportunity is addressed. The framework for success is built on five pillars:

  • Problem-solving; understanding the problem / issues in your target market at a very observed and detailed level
  • Urgent need; confirming the urgency of the need and the potential value that can be created in resolving the discrepancy
  • Differentiation; developing a differentiated problem-solving position that is supported by your product or service
  • Leadership; establishing yourself as the leader in the market or category through your differentiated approach to the market
  • Focus; focus, focus and focus

Author: David Newberry
2015 – 2 hour read

Download Startup Ignition