For clients that have multiple teams working across different districts, countries or regions, we realise that the most challenging element of running a successful multi-market programme is gaining agreement from all the markets to a uniform set of materials.

Every market has unique characteristics in some way, whether it be the retail environment, consumer behaviour, or even the level and type of competition. This usually results in each market seeking to develop their own local solutions.

So how can you ensure that all parties work together in a highly collaborative and consistent way?

What is critical is that all stakeholders; the central team, the local teams, the designers and the resulting manufacturers, e.t.c., all commit to work together in a structured way that guides how they communicate and make decisions.

We understand this and that is why we have developed a transformational approach to how brands and retailers can both develop and successfully implement global retail investment programmes.

LeanPie has entered into a partnership with LG&P, a leading shopper marketing agency to be able to offer a fully integrated Global Catalogue Programme.

This programme achieves two critical objectives:

  • Provides insights and science to the establishment of a retail investment kit, thereby providing context for which items should be used, why they should be used and how they should be used

  • Provides complete flexibility of supply so whether a market wishes or needs to buy locally, regionally or centrally, all sourcing requirements can be catered for, thereby enabling 100% capture of all global spend


Provide clients with a retail strategy and customer Purchase Decision Journey (PDJ) that will create the best possible retail experience for the customer and optimise purchase behaviour


Provide clients with with a best-in-class retail investment kit for every key outlet type that will meet / exceed the expectations of the customer, the retailer and the brand


Provide clients with the LOWEST possible global cost for the retail investment kits for every market where they do business

Included in


Included in


Included In


3D brand architecture
Retail objectives
Retail discovery
Priority retail outlets
Customer Purchase Decision Journey
Required retail investment kits
Retail insights & trends
Retailer merchandising requirements
Designing the in-store experience
Retail design concepts
Retail prototypes
Retailer sell-in package
Centralised sourcing
Regional sourcing
Local market sourcing
Sourcing components centrally
Provision of  technical specifications
Technical specification amendments

LeanPie Global Catalogue Programme 

….. makes it as easy as possible for all markets, whatever the culture, location or time zone to be able to contribute equally and to ensure that their requirements are met, whilst benefiting from all the advantages of a centralised programme.


Key benefits are as follows

  • Retail guidance & insights – optimises utilisation of materials in-store

  • Collaborative working – results in significant reduction in re-inventing the wheel at local level

  • Outlet type specific retail kits – promote high levels of brand consistency

  • Retail sell-in kits – result in high levels of retail support and installation

  • Flexibility on supply – ensures 100% of global spend is captured

  • Harmonisation of technical specifications – ensures that economies of scale are maximised

  • Supply chain modelling – ensures that cost optimisation is achieved, especially with key components

  • Lowest possible cost – means a greater return on retail investment

  • All customisation at local level is captured – ensuring that best-practice learnings are shared

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